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Therapeutic VR applications

Supporting non-invasive pain treatment and the therapy of psychosomatic conditions

We help your patients

Stress reduction

Support in chronic pain therapy

Support during chemotherapy

  • We create VR applications and IT tools to assist in the treatment processes of patients. The applications are intended for clients from the medical, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic sectors. We design solutions that respond to individual needs, both clinical and therapeutic. We provide ready-made applications together with monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • We conduct clinical tests concerning application performance.
  • We design demonstration projects for applications intended for mobile devices and screens to be presented at conferences, fairs, and group shows. Each application is a therapeutic programme adjusted to the clients’ needs, with the aim of involving the patient more in the treatment process.

Education – we help you to share knowledge

Training programmes

Interactive educational pathways

Evaluation systems

We develop training applications suited to the clients’ needs. The experience of immersion and interaction in VR may increase and enhance the educational effect, thus changing training into an unforgettable experience. We are open to designing unusual and individual solutions for our clients.

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The application was developed to increase the subjective feeling of control over the treatment process and to alleviate anxiety and fear. It gives to patients a virtual experience of blocking lymphocytes using medicine particles to prevent their penetration into the digestive system.

The game scenery is the virtual inside of the body, at the edge of digestive system. The patient’s task is to locate lymphocytes and then to attach medicine particles in appropriate places on the cell, thus preventing migration of lymphocytes into intestines.

The game is designed in such a way so that these both goals are achievable regardless of psychophysical condition of the patient or the patient’s skills in the game. The game will allow engaging entertainment not requiring simultaneous body movement. It will be safe to the patient, not disturbing administration of the medicine.


My battle VR is a therapeutic application  used in chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was created for Takeda Poland. The application is currently used by patients undergoing chemotherapy at the Haematology Clinic in Wroclaw. My battle VR app aims to reduce stress, strengthen motivation and empower patients.



It is an innovative, custom-based training programme to provide first aid. This multi-level, educational programme combined with an evaluation system takes the user into the world of an exciting game and at the same time provides them with the skills to save somebody’s life.

Applied technologies and implemented solutions

Applications based on the Unity engine


Platforms: Oculus Quest, Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard and other

Complete scenarios and graphic solutions for medical applications

Self-designed medical devices and dedicated built-in systems

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VRmind – who we are?

The R&D personnel includes academics from the Institute of Psychology at the University of Wroclaw
Our own, unique research into the use of VR in pain treatment
The nomination for the Innovation of the Year prize (Business Forum, 2017)
The winner of a grant from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCRD) in the GameInn programme
The founders of the VR4Health Foundation

Supporting non-invasive pain treatment and the therapy of psychosomatic conditions

The company’s personnel comprises people who have conducted research for many years on the use of VR in psychology. We have extensive experience in researching the fields of VR application in clinical and educational practice. We have conducted extensive research on the use of VR in pain treatment. In the VR4health Foundation that we set up, we have developed and implemented our tools for healthcare facilities (including the Teaching Hospital in Wroclaw, the Brzesc Medical Centre) as part of social programmes. Being a team of researchers concentrated around the Institute of Psychology at the University of Wroclaw, we have received a grant from the Foundation for Polish Science to develop an educational and training application in the field of psychology of body perception, among other things. We are also the winners of an NCRD grant in the GameInn programme, and in 2017 we received a nomination for the Innovation of the Year prize awarded by Business Forum. With our experience in VR development, we successfully combine scientific knowledge about cognitive psychology and communication psychology. Among our clients are research institutes, hospitals, counselling practices and training firms.

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